Tretick Pad

 The Tretick Pad® is now available for flutists who want a pad that addresses issues that are problematic in other designs.  These issues include the tearing of the pad skin, stability and tactile feel.  The Tretick Pad® eliminates the skin tearing problems and at the same time provides tremendous stability and a responsive tactile feel for the player.  I also designed my pad to be easy for repair technicians to get predictable and accurate adjustment.  The Tretick Pad® utilizes internal materials that have been proven to be stabile and reliable for many years.  The skin of the Tretick Pad® is the usual bladder skin that provides a long lasting seal.  I also have available a synthetic skin that delivers very long life.  This pad skin is suitable for flutists who have chronic sticking and rotting problems with traditional bladder skin.

    Traditional pad skin must be allowed to move slightly because of the constant moistening and drying that occurs each time the flute is played.  If not allowed to do so, the result will be a very stressed skin that most often will tear at the tone hole seat or other areas of the pad where the skin is too tightly stretched.

    From my many years of flute making and finishing experience, I believe one doesn’t give up any appreciable stability when the pad skin is allowed to move slightly.  As long as the internal materials under the skin are stable, the pad will stay in adjustment and provide good service life.

    Please contact me for further information or to schedule a re-pad or overhaul of your flute. 


                                        Clifford Tretick


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